Saturday, December 10, 2005

Whitewall Tire Paint by Örn Sigurðsson

After looking for whitewall tire solutions, I came across this whitewall paint developed by Örn Sigurðsson in Iceland. It runs for $25 a can, which is the perfect amount for doing three 10" tires. I will post a tutorial on the paint and a review...when it arrives.


Anonymous said...

And How is it.Is it not being yellow or brown ?

Anonymous said...

this paint works just wonderfull, done up my Olga ( a 1984 Ural) , just briliant , will use it again ,

can highly recommend to everyone who wishes to have the "extra" look

one advice : follow the instruction to every detail .

Anonymous said...

I am trying to paint four huge bus tires. Do you think this will hold up?