Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vespa Sito Plus Pipe Installation

My pipe arrived from the good folks at Motorsports Scooters in San Diego. I got to installing and have posted this tutorial on how to install it. It is a very easy process that any begginer can do, and the results are well worth it.

The pipe in all its cardboard boxed glory.

14mm nut which needs to be removed. It is easiest to remove when you take the rear tire off or deflate it.

13mm nut can be removed without taking anything else off. You may need to knock on the pipe with a hammer to loosen it from the engine.

The pipe installed and ready to go. The overall top speed and acccleration is improved by about 5 MPH, and the perfrormance increase is really noticable, especially when riding two-up or when riding hills.


Anonymous said...

what was your stock jet #, and what # did you upjet to?

Anonymous said...

I just installed this pipe on my Vespa PX150 (Limited Edition #469) and replaced my stock jet(#98) with a #103 jet.