Thursday, February 02, 2006


Here is a cool site I came across with modern styled vespas for sale painted by different contemporary british artists, which are now up for auction. I don't have the 3,000 British Pounds to bid on my favorite one in the picture above...but wouldn't it be nice...


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Vespa enthusiasts deliver Lunar New Year goodies to the elderly

Every Lunar new year a group of vespa riders drive around Singapore to deliver oranges, rice and other goodies to old folks homes.

"...once a year, these vintage beauties dating back to 1964 can still be seen on the roads for a good cause. It has become an annual tradition for the Vespa riders to get together to spread the Lunar New Year cheer."


Vespa with vooma

Here's a nice little story about Brett Hamilton receiving a call from Vespa for a test ride.

"Splitting the lanes, passing the myriad of caged drivers felt like cheating. Like taking the easy way out. That didn't stop me from saying, 'Goodbye traffic'. Next.

With a smile I wound my way up and over the rocky passes outside the city with the boiling kettle hum from the GT turning this mission into a pleasure."