Friday, June 09, 2006

Vespazine Lives!

Yes, I am still around. Trying to get my lazy hands to click on my blogger link and start posting to Vespazine again. A lot has happened since my last posts. Vespa turned 60, the Piaggio MP3 was released, some guy from the Sopranos (sorry I don't watch it, forgot his name) crashed on his Vespa, and I've added some new accessories to my PX. I'll try and post some turtorials here soon, and some new mods I'm planning for my scoot. I will be in Thailand and Cambodia for a month starting next week, so posts might slow down....but I swear I will get vespazine back on it's feet again. It's summertime, and my arms are getting really dark. GO RIDE!

Vietnam Vespa Club Celebrates World Cup With Parade

DO NOT buy a Vespa from Vietnam. Instead, enjoy this news story about The Vietnamese Vespa Club celebrating the start of the World Cup with a Vespa parade including jerseys and matching decorations to represent each country participating in the World Cup! Now if they would only play the World Cup ON Vespas, then maybe I'd watch.